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My love is oil painting, Plein air. I have been painting for the last 35 years and have had a chance to travel to different parts of the world on painting trips. Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and India. My aim is to capture as strongly as possible through color and perspective the spirit of what I am painting. My other profession is making violins, viola, cello, and double bases. I have a shop both in Costa Rica and Ontario. My other love is viola playing. Heaven is playing in quartets. Enquirers welcome.contact to me paulwarrensmith@gmail.com

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

town square

hoeing corn

Porto Mon , behind the market

The old Ford

old Ford and Geese

baking, Argentina

Porto Mon fishing boat

Porto Mon

Modmontgomary's grand parents house

combining, and country road

Blue Rocks, fishing boats

fish house, and supplies

Lunanbur. sailoing boat

Dore with sail

Lunanburg,Dore shop.

Out port, Newfoundland

English Harbor

Saint Johns, Newfoundland

horse stable and gardens

Salvage, outport

New Foundland gardens

Twerling Gate Light house

retired fishing boat

repairing fishing boat

Nilgary Hills, India

cleaning the catch

Karala, fisherman resting

Kodai with piano teacher

Front gate to Kodai School

Mitraniketan, India

Friday, December 10, 2010

viola, still life

fire wood, boot, and carasine

kitchen stove, Monteverde

water wheel to trapichi

Grecia, river

Guasimal river Monteverde

Paul's barn yard

Stella, Monteverde

still life

my Massy Fergason tractor

Monteverde road to San Luis

bananas, and broom

Pacifice beecn, Manuel Antonio

Monteverde pastures

Monteverde pasture

self portrait

Monteverde river

Monteverde, vine tree